Start your renewable energy pathway with our free Energy Education Series.

This guide is a curated collection of information that strives to provide an unbiased perspective of solar today. “Renewable Energy Foundations” provides a comprehensive knowledge base for those who are interested in learning about or wanting to brush up on their understanding of solar history, policy, technology, and financing.

What is the Energy Education Series?

Our goal is to put the power of learning about solar energy into your hands so that you are comfortable with the products and services before moving along in your own procurement process.

Here is an overview of the Energy Education Series:

  1. Solar and Storage Foundations: What is happening in the renewable energy industry? Why are organizations adopting solar and storage, and what are the various products and structures on the market?
  2. Evaluation: Is solar the right fit for your facilities? What information can you gather internally to understand your unique situation? What factors should you consider?
  3. Case Building: Ready to move forward in the process, but you don’t have internal support? This report gives you the tools and insight to convince those around you that your time spent on renewable energy procurement is the right step.
  4. Sourcing: It is time to gather quotes and see which provider is the right partner for your organization. Should you release a Request for Proposal? What should you ask for in the proposal process and how should you evaluate the responses?
  5. Promotion: You have a new solar installation or subscription and you are excited about the impact. How do you share this excitement with fellow employees, partners, and customers? How do you quantify the direct and indirect benefits?

Who is ForeFront Power?

ForeFront Power is a leading solar energy provider to schools around the country. We provide school districts with the maximum potential savings from solar available on the market today though a power purchase agreement (PPA), while providing the highest quality installation with the least risk.

With over 400 megawatts (MW) of operational projects with schools, our team has the capability to transform your district’s solar installations beyond just energy production and savings.

Partnership with SPURR

The School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR) is a joint powers authority dedicated to helping California schools and colleges control and reduce utility expenses. Our group is the proud winner of SPURR’s Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement (REAP) Program competitive RFP that allows schools, colleges, and public agencies in California save time and money on their procurement and energy costs. The REAP Program provides pre-negotiated contracts, industry leading pricing, and standardized terms.

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