Rooftop Solar

Roof-mounted solar leverages your most underused asset: the roof above you. Our team understands your desire to both minimize roof penetrations and dead load, while also emphasizing quality and cost. We constantly evaluate many solutions on the market and will determine the racking solution that best meets each site situation, while financing the project to offer you the benefits of solar with no upfront cost.

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Maintain Roof Warranty

Having completed a wide variety of projects on existing rooftops, our team works with roofing manufacturers on every project to ensure installation compliance. Any racking ballast pans can be installed with slip sheets to protect the underlying membrane and maintain roof warranty.

Minimize Penetrations

Our ballasted racking, combined with non-invasive positive attachments, is easy and quick to install, reducing labor time and contributing directly to the project’s favorable economics. Yet the technology doesn’t substitute quality for ease. The racking is made of rugged aluminum and is non-corrosive and durable in all weather conditions.


Beyond the benefit of electricity savings, rooftop solar can help your organization meet environmental goals as your installation brings more renewable energy to the grid while also helping your state and community climb towards renewable energy targets.

Local Impact

ForeFront Power strives to serve the local economy by employing local contractors for our renewable energy projects around the United States.

According to The Solar Foundation, the U.S. solar industry employs over 250,000 workers.

How It Works

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Project Timeline


Our team works with you to determine the ideal solution and project size.


We take care of project financing, engineering, permitting, and interconnection to prepare your project for construction.


Our experienced project managers and construction partners get your system built and running with minimal impact to your daily operations.


After completion, your system includes monitoring and routine maintenance to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

Included Features

All solar projects with ForeFront Power include added value with no extra cost. That means peace of mind as your renewable energy strategy is executed over the long term.

System Monitoring

With our company as your long-term solar project manager, you receive access to monitoring through a web-based asset management application that delivers insight into the performance of your solar project.

Operations & Maintenance

Our approach makes solar simple. All solutions include full management over the life of the project, including design, installation, operations, and maintenance.

Portfolio Management

Our team of professionals is experienced at handling multi-site, geographically dispersed portfolios of solar sites. With a single point of contact for your account, we’ll always be ready to respond to your needs, wherever they may be.

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