Your non-profit organization can now leverage the benefits of solar energy to take control of your energy budget and reduce the environmental impact of your facilities. Even without tax liability, a Power Purchase Agreement offers no upfront costs and low solar energy rates that include the value of tax credits and other policy benefits that are currently available.

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Affordable and Predictable

Solar energy gives non-profit organizations an alternative to expensive, unpredictable energy expenditures. We can beat typical utility rates to provide cost savings from the first day of operation and tremendous savings over the long term. A solar facility operating under a Power Purchase Agreement also provides steady, predictable performance and cost. The result is easier planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Community Leadership and Sustainability

Solar will gain quick attention from local citizens. Embracing renewables will lower the carbon footprint of your local community while also supporting clean energy investment in your state.

Stabilize Your Budget

We work closely with private, public, and non-profit institutions to help stabilize energy budgets, implement discounts, and develop long-term strategic plans. Our focus is on building innovative, dependable solutions that deliver maximum value to our customers. This means non-profit organizations can focus on higher priorities, such as fundraising and community programs.

Community Outreach with Solar

Our team values the importance of giving back to the community. We have volunteered employee time for partners, including GRID Alternatives.

Plus, some of our community solar projects include further discounts for customers that qualify as low or moderate income households.

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