Community Solar

You can now subscribe to a local solar project to lower your utility bills and enable renewable energy in your community. Take advantage of off-site solar power with no upfront costs and flexible terms.

Find A Local Project

Save On Electricity

Your share of the Community Solar project's panels is for the length of your service agreement. You pay no money down and can start saving money right away.

Support Your Community

As a subscriber of a local solar project, you can be a community leader, joining other local businesses and residents that want the benefits of community solar. Also by participating in a community solar array, you are enabling local, clean power development and job creation.

Choose Your Subscription

Community Solar is located at a nearby site in your community, eliminating space constraints and other limitations of on-site development, all while keeping environmental benefits local. Our service plans are flexible and can even move to a new location with you.

Choose Your State

Residents, businesses, and public sector organizations can now join our local community solar projects in California, Illinois, Maryland, and New York.

Interested in learning more?

We would love to discuss how our solutions might be a good fit for you. Contact one of our solar energy experts today: