Safeguard your renewable energy investments, with ForeFront Power.


Where others go broad, we go deep. We’ve been focused on the needs of the commercial and industrial sector for over a decade, with the results to show for it.


Our experience has taught us how to balance cost with production, enabling us to maximize energy output and financial results.


Our depth of experience has provided us not only a keen eye for system optimization, but also for new opportunities that our customers value.

When your ForeFront Power Asset Management team is on the job, we ensure that your renewables project or portfolio is delivering at its best — day or night, holiday or weekend.

  • Mitigating down time
  • Sleuthing out underperformance
  • Maximizing solar energy yields
  • Freeing up your time and mental space

This is what we do best.

Our fixation is your [ongoing] success.

What We Provide

Performance Management

  • Asset production performance monitoring
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) oversight
  • Financial performance management services
  • System and portfolio reporting

Compliance Services

  • Finance and structuring services
  • Project- and fund-level accounting
  • Warranty tracking
  • Incentives management

Consumer Solutions

  • Asset design assessments
  • Project promotion services
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Energy consumption assessments

Our customers consistently rank us highly in eliminating system downtime, resolving equipment failures, and minimizing production shortages.

Here are some of the other things customers have to say about our team.

“I’ve been consistently impressed by ForeFront Power’s Asset Management team. They go to the next level to integrate with our team and to understand staff needs.”

“ForeFront Power’s Asset Management team has risen to every challenge. No matter the hoops we put them through, they consistently deliver. We’re grateful to have such a skilled, flexible partner.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the ForeFront Power Asset Management team.”

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