State and Local Government

A solar installation is a great way to control your energy budget and reduce the environmental impact of your municipal government facilities. We can tailor a solar energy solution for most local, state, and federal institutions. Our installations can encompass a single building, an entire campus environment, or even solar systems located off site.

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Affordable and Predictable

Solar energy gives municipalities an alternative to expensive, unpredictable energy expenditures. We can beat typical utility rates to provide cost savings from the first day of operation and tremendous savings over the long term. A solar facility operating under a Power Purchase Agreement also provides steady, predictable performance and cost. The result is easier planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Job Creation

Adopting solar means new job creation in your community. According to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Job Census, the solar industry employed over 250,000 workers across all 50 states in 2017. Another benefit to embracing solar in your community is that this job growth will directly affect your own citizens.

Stabilize Your Budget

We work closely with local boards or representatives to help you stabilize your energy budget and develop a long-term strategic energy plan. Our focus is on building innovative, dependable solutions that deliver maximum value to our customers. This means you can focus on your real priority: serving your constituents.

Are you in California?


SPURR is a joint powers authority dedicated to helping California public sector agencies control and reduce utility expenses, including city and county governments. Our group is the proud winner of SPURR’s Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement (REAP) Program competitive RFP that allows public agencies in California to save time and money on their procurement and energy costs. The REAP Program provides pre-negotiated contracts, industry leading pricing, and standardized terms.

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