As demand for healthcare services grows, so too does the need for clean, reliable energy to power healthcare facilities. We offer a variety of energy sourcing options for your healthcare facility, including wholesale power agreements and on-site electricity supply. As communities demand more sustainability measures to impact local wellness, renewable energy is more important than ever to drive patient choice.

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Impact Energy Usage

According to Energy Star data, hospitals represent the second most energy intensive building type, with 117 kWh per square foot, behind only supermarkets.

Hedge Future Energy Needs

The proportion of the U.S. population older in age will expand through 2024, requiring more employees and services available to serve them. This means that not only will energy requirements expand, but the capital required to support the additional overhead must increase as well.

Patient Wellness and Sustainability

Patient health concerns and environmental issues are merging together as people pursue healthier lives. Similar to eating healthy food and getting exercise, renewable energy impacts local air quality and general healthfulness.

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