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If you qualify as a low- to moderate-income customer, you will get an additional 5% discount on your electricity bill upon income verification. Select your desired plan below to enroll.


Short Term
  • 2 Year Commitment
  • 100% Local Delmarva Solar
  • Receive Delmarva Power Bill Credit
  • No Panels At Your Home
  • 10% Total Discount for Low to Moderate Income Subscribers

Note: Price quoted is only for the specified product or services provided by the subscriber organization, and does not include any tax, commodity, utility distribution or transmission charge, or any other utility fee or charge. Subscription price is not regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission.

Project Photos

Our local solar farms will be built just outside of Preston and Snow Hill on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot Program provides the opportunity for customers to receive renewable energy benefits, including low and moderate income customers and customers who are not able to participate in traditional roof-mounted solar systems. You can read more about it on Delmarva Power’s website.

Our team has more than a decade of renewable industry experience, serving residential, business, and public sector customers around the world. Our roots began in Maryland back in 2003 and we are proud to still have local employees and projects today.

Subscriber Organizations: 
Forefront Power, LLC (17A2148980003856)
FFP MD Linchester Mill Project1, LLC (19A2243910004224)
FFP MD Snow Hill Project1, LLC (19A2243920004223)

Our Community Solar farms on the Eastern Shore will be located just outside of Preston and Snow Hill.

Yes! There is no need to own your home to participate. All you need is a Delmarva Power electricity bill and be located in Maryland.

Once subscriptions begin, we plan to hold an event at your community solar project so you can see your impact and where your power is coming from.

Your subscription, along with Delmarva Power bill credits and solar payments, will begin once the project is completed and operational. We expect this to occur during summer 2019.

Firstly, there is no cost to join, just the price per kilowatt-hour that you pay for your portion of the electricity generated from the solar farm. Your subscription price fluctuates, but always stays at your fixed discount to the credit that you receive on your Delmarva Power bill. For example, this means a price of $0.1197/kWh with a credit of $0.1330/kWh for a 10% discount plan. Both of these rates can go up or down over time, but we keep the discount percentage intact meaning that there is no chance that you pay more for solar.

The difference between the amount you pay for solar energy (for each kilowatt hour, or kWh) and the “solar credits” that you receive on your electricity bill results in a net savings for you.

Once your solar farm is running, you will simply pay for your portion of electricity to ForeFront Power while you would receive a credit on your existing Delmarva Power bill. After enrolling, your solar payments would be automatic each month to make your billing as seamless as possible.

If you move outside of Delmarva Power service territory, we will terminate your subscription agreement for no charge.

If you want to terminate your contract after the subscription begins, there is a cancellation fee of $100 for the 2-year option and $200 for the 5-year option. There is no fee if you move, incur a disability, or in the case of death.

This is a subscription and it will renew automatically at the end of the Initial Term. You will receive a notice of any automatic renewal 60 days before the expiration date of the Initial Term and you have the option to opt-out of any automatic renewal.

What is low- to moderate-income?

If you qualify, you will earn an extra 5% discount from your utility bill by enrolling in a community solar project with ForeFront Power. After your initial sign up, our team will follow up for formal income verification.

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Low income is defined as a subscriber whose gross annual household income in 2018 is at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty level for the year of subscription or who is certified as eligible for any federal, state, or local assistance program that limits participation to households whose income is at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty limit.

Persons in Household Maximum Income Amount
1 $24,280
2 $32,920
3 $41,560
4 $50,200
5 $58,840
6 $67,480
7 $76,120
8 $84,760

Moderate income is defined as a subscriber whose gross annual household income in 2018 is at or below 80 percent of the median income for Maryland for the year of subscription.

Persons in Household Maximum Income Amount
1 $50,350
2 $57,500
3 $64,700
4 $71,900
5 $77,650
6 $83,400
7 $89,150
8 $94,900

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Questions? Feel free to call (410) 442-6127 or toll-free at (833) 709-9728 to speak with one of our representatives.